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What It Means When Your Clothes Aren’t Drying

Posted on October 21, 2022

There are many reasons why your dryer may not be working. Dryers are complex machines, and many different things can potentially go wrong. Here are the common causes of faulty dryers and what you can do about them.

Check if it’s plugged in

Start with the easy thing – check if your dryer is plugged in. If it’s not working, you might have accidentally tripped over a power chord at some point. It’s also possible that something’s chewed through the wire.

Look at the lint trap

Did you remember to remove the lint from the lint trap before drying? If not, this is likely the cause of your malfunctioning dryer. If there’s too much lint in the lint trap, your clothes won’t be able to get as dry. But even if the trap is clean, you might still benefit from vent cleaning services.

Double-check settings

You may not be running things in the right setting. Have you used this setting for this amount of clothes before? Does it usually work? Try increasing the power and see if that helps.

See if the door is closed

If your dryer isn’t working, you may have accidentally left the door slightly open. The dryer won’t work unless the door is shut completely, so make sure there aren’t any obstructions.

Lighten the load

You may have accidentally overstuffed the dryer. This will prevent the dryer from working fully and getting everything as dry as it should. Try putting fewer clothes in the dryer next time and check if things then work better.

Air-dry a little

Your dryer wasn’t built for sopping-wet clothes. Your load may have simply been too wet for the dryer to properly deal with. If you suspect this may be the case, let your clothes air-dry a little before putting them in your Garland home’s dryer.

Clean the sensor

Some dryers have internal sensors that sense the moisture level to ensure they clean accurately. Check if your model has a sensor and where this sensor is. Give it a quick clean and see if that helps.

Look at the power supply

Ensure you’re using the correct voltage for your electric dryer or that the shut-off valve is open for your gas dryer. Your dryer may not be receiving the right amount of power, and that’s why it hasn’t been able to dry.

Feel the exhaust hood for heat

Check if your dryer vent is actually heating up as it should. The heating element may be busted. When your dryer runs, you should feel the heat coming off the exhaust hood. If you don’t feel anything, call a Garland professional to fix it.

Check the ventilation ability

Where are your dryer vents located in your Garland home? If you don’t know this, then you certainly aren’t cleaning your dryer vents. They may be in an area where they can’t offset the heat, which can cause dryer problems. You need at least three inches of airspace for the dryer to vent properly.

Check your dryer vents

You need to have your dryer vents cleaned out by Garland vent cleaning professionals at least once a year. This is not only vital to keeping your clothes dry, but it also helps prevent house fires. Your dryer vents may be clogged with lint, and you might need Garland air duct cleaning soon, so call now.

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