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Air Duct Cleaning

The Duct Experts have the best air duct cleaning in Garland. Let us show you the difference we can make to your building.

Air Duct Cleaning In Garland

Your air ducts are full of dirt and other nasty particles that float through your air. They accumulate over time, slowly building up inside the vents until you choose to do something about it. If you need air duct cleaning in Garland, give The Duct Experts a call, and we’ll clean out your vents.

But what exactly is inside these ducts? The truth is, they can collect a large variety of nastiness through multiple means. In general, you’ll find dirt and dust, mold, and the products of a pest infestation inside your air ducts. And it can be important to learn about different duct contaminants.

Dirty Air Duct Cleaning in Garland

Dust is significantly composed of dead skin cells, so it’s impossible to completely prevent it. It can also arise from pollen, dirt, hair, pieces of clothing, and essentially any other material found indoors. Over time, more and more dust particles will be kicked up whenever you interact with objects in your home.

Once the dust settles in your air ducts, it will only be disturbed when some mechanism inside is turned on. This gives it ample opportunity to accumulate in large quantities. Over time, your air ducts will get dustier and dustier, and this dust may start leaking into your home.

Moldy Air Duct Cleaning in Garland

Mold reproduces by emanating spores throughout the air. These spores look for locations warm enough to sustain them and with enough moisture to grow. Once the conditions are met, they form mold colonies, secreting all new spores that spread out and start their own mold growths.

If your air duct is moist, it risks mold growth. When the hot air of the environment and the cold air of your air conditioning combine, you get condensation. And a humid climate makes everything moist. You may need a Garland air duct cleaning during those hot summer months.

Infested Air Duct Cleaning in Garland

Air ducts are a perfect location for certain pests to thrive. Rodents find them great places to move around. And as they move about, they tend to chew up insulation, creating more dust for a Garland air duct cleaning to get rid of. Plenty of bugs also see air ducts as great places to hide from humans and build their nests.

After proper extermination procedures, these pests still leave dirt and debris (and bodies) behind. You’ll need a Garland air duct cleaning to eliminate all muck left over from however long those pests lived in your air ducts.


How often should you clean out your air ducts?

You should get air duct cleaning in Garland done if you detect anything wrong. If you see mold, hear pests, notice an unusual amount of dust, or if you’re experiencing allergy symptoms from your air ducts, these are all signs to look out for.

How do you prepare for air duct cleaning?

You should move any furniture out of the way before our Garland air duct cleaning technicians arrive. Figure out where to move any pets, as well.

Can dirty air ducts affect air conditioning?

If the dirty air ducts are causing the cooling system itself to become filthy, then yes. Your AC may be running less efficiently than it could be.

How do you sanitize air vents?

Thorough vacuuming can help sanitize your air vents.  A Garland duct professional can do this for you, so call us.

Can you put baking soda in your air vents?

Yes. This can help with certain smells that air duct cleaning can’t eliminate.

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