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How To Prevent Mold In Air Ducts

Posted on December 16, 2022

Mold growth in your air ducts creates a lot of dangerous problems in a home, warehouse facility, corporate office building, or apartment complex. Residential and commercial spaces are both vulnerable to mold making their way into the air we breathe, and it’s very important to prevent that from happening. Everyone’s health and safety could potentially be impacted by it! 

The Duct Experts plans to stop hazardous mold growth through our Garland ventilation cleaning services. By utilizing the most modern and advanced tools and equipment, we make our air cleaning in Garland efficient and effective. You can trust that The Duct Experts are going to take care of your air ducts with precision and care. 

Mold growing inside your air ducts is a fairly common problem. Any HVAC ventilation system that hasn’t been cleaned or touched in several years may have mold spores. The only way to know for certain is to hire The Duct Experts’ talented staff for air duct cleaning in Garland. There are essentially three ways you can go about fighting mold growth in your air ducts. 

1. Limit Moisture

Moisture and mold are always accompanied by one another. Basically, the only way mold can grow is if there’s moisture present. This means air duct cleaning in Garland should be used to limit the amount of moisture, therefore limiting the chance of mold growth. It’s a pretty simple concept, yet much more difficult to execute unless you hire professionals!

The Duct Experts’ air duct cleaning in Garland helps control humidity levels in your ventilation system, which contributes a great deal to moisture retention. Another measure you can take to decrease moisture along with Garland air duct cleaning is a dehumidifier. These devices complement air duct cleaning in Garland quite nicely. Every little bit helps! 

2. Maintain HVAC System

Another solution that assists with preventing mold growth is a well-running HVAC system. Air duct cleaning in Garland ensures everything connected to the HVAC system is in working condition and proper repairs can be made. Faulty equipment and machinery lead to rapid mold growth if your HVAC system isn’t monitored correctly. 

Your standard HVAC system includes the air conditioning unit, furnace, air ducts, and all of the vents. Depending on whether you’re dealing with a commercial or residential building, the size of the HVAC system varies. The Duct Experts in Garland can manage any job, big or small with maximum efficiency.

3. Repair Leaks

Part of maintaining your HVAC system and scheduling air duct cleaning in Garland is so The Duct Experts can find leaks. Air leaks are responsible for ruining your HVAC system and increasing the chances of mold growth. Any space or opening is capable of allowing permanent damage to be done inside your air ducts.

That’s why The Duct Experts performs a thorough inspection during our Garland air duct cleaning appointments. If your HVAC system has any leaks, we’ll find them and start working on a strategy to resolve the issue immediately! You don’t have to worry about mold becoming a major threat to the health and livelihood of everybody living and working in a given building.

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