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5 Things That Affect The Cost Of Duct Cleaning

Posted on November 18, 2022

For the cheapest air duct cleaning, you need a company that works quickly and efficiently and passes the savings on to you. But how do you know if you are getting what you are paying for or are getting an inflated price for services you don’t need?

Take a look at some of the factors that most often affect the cost of air duct cleaning. If these are some of the problems your vents are facing, then you can take a bit of solace in knowing that the price of your duct cleaning is being ethically determined.

1. Number Of Vents

The more vents you have, the longer cleaning takes. Even the quickest service will take a while, depending on the number of vents in your HVAC system. This is mainly because of the setup and breakdown time to readjust and move the negative air pressure machine.

Most of the time the cost of air duct cleaning is based on the number of vents you need cleaned. Sometimes the central vent or trunk vent can be cleaned without the need for further individual vent cleaning, but when you need more extensive cleaning, the cost can increase.

2. Fungal Growth 

If your condenser coils have fungus growing on them, you will need more complex cleaning. And after the area is cleaned, it should be treated to prevent re-growth. Unfortunately, if mold has grown somewhere, it will likely return.

In cases where your vent is extremely at risk of future mold growth, you should consider setting up a UV light filter. This prevents mold for a full year when it is professionally installed. It is not tremendously expensive to take these extra steps, but the different services can stack up.

3. Vent Damage 

Sometimes a vent is overly exposed to dust and contaminants because of a break or damage. This might be leading the system to cycle in dirty or polluted air. With a vent that is damaged in this way, it will be worth it to fix the ducts rather than just continue to clean them repeatedly.

It can be rather difficult to detect certain types of damage to your air ducts. This is why it can be very helpful to use a Garland air duct cleaning company that has the experience required to diagnose the cause of an especially dirty or problematic air duct.

4. Vermin 

In very extreme circumstances, a vent can be infested by pests. This is a much larger problem than what most people find when they call for duct cleaning, but it also requires much more effort to fully address. In some cases, you will need an exterminator, not just duct cleaning.

Even if ventilation cleaning services are enough to solve your problem, it is unlikely that suction alone will be enough to keep this problem from recurring. Assess your vents for damage that may have made them accessible to the creatures that took up residence in your ducts.

Closing Thoughts

Make sure that you are only paying for services that will positively impact the performance of your air duct. Sometimes that means you will need more than the most basic form of air duct cleaning. But when it comes to your air quality, it is almost certainly worth taking the proper steps.

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