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5 Indicators Vermin Are Inside Your Air Ducts

Posted on September 16, 2022

Vermin sounds like a gross word and perfectly describes the characteristics of the animals that bear its name. Small rodents, birds, and insects including rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, and pigeons are considered vermin. 

Pretty much any pest that can cause an infestation and become a major nuisance falls into the vermin category. Unfortunately, air duct systems are an optimal environment for these critters because they tend to enjoy dark, empty spaces where humans can’t easily get to them. 

And when those spaces are crowded and nasty, they don’t mind one bit. The Duct Experts provides air duct cleaning in Garland to prevent this from happening and to keep your home or office healthy.

There are many problems associated with vermin that can lead to disease and sickness just from exposure. Without the proper training or knowledge, air duct cleaning in Garland should be handled by professionals to dispose of these creatures safely and humanely. If you experience any of the following five instances, there’s a chance you have vermin inside your air ducts.

1. Noise

Whenever pests infiltrate air ducts, they don’t do it quietly. Subtly isn’t their strong suit because vermin rarely travel by themselves. In fact, most critters live amongst hundreds, sometimes thousands, of their own. 

You can diagnose the problem without even seeing these creatures scurrying around in the flesh. You’re more likely to hear them first because they’re constantly scratching and gnawing at something. 

It’s possible you could also hear some high-pitched shrieking as some vermin communicate with each other verbally. No matter what happens, there’s no need to panic because infestations are normal.

Call an exterminator right away and when they finish eradicating the problem, call The Duct Experts and we’ll come in and perform thorough air duct cleaning in Garland. You don’t want to mess around with possible exposure to the diseases that vermin carry. Those toxins can get into the air supply or transfer by touch. 

2. Smell

Because vermin affect the air supply, you may experience weird smells and odors coming from your ventilation system. This is a very serious issue because these animals live in close proximity to each other and spread fecal matter and food around interchangeably. 

It creates one big mess inside your air ducts and you’ll need air duct cleaning in Garland as soon as possible! 

3. Sneezing

Allergy season isn’t the only reason you could be suffering from itchy eyes and a runny nose. Poor air quality can be caused by vermin, which then triggers your allergies in a negative way. 

Sneezing is a potential indication that your house is undergoing contamination via rodents or insects. At that point, air duct cleaning in Garland is necessary for the betterment of your health.

4. Tracks

Vermin can’t help but leave behind debris. Whether it’s droppings, food scraps, hair, or dirt, anything they leave behind can be lethal. We keep mentioning disease because it’s a legitimate threat. 

Everyone who’s dealing with vermin in large quantities must know the risks involved. The slightest hint of these creatures should warrant an immediate phone call to The Duct Experts for air duct cleaning in Garland.

5. Insects

Typically, the first thing people picture when they hear vermin are rats and mice. Insects are another harmful creature with the ability to overrun air duct systems quickly. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, and all sorts of other bugs can appear in droves and swarm entire buildings and households. 

Air duct cleaning in Garland prevents this from happening and can save you money long-term by protecting against vermin!

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